EepShare project eepsite


EepShare is an anonymous file sharing, distributed forums and private messaging system using the I2P network. It is based on and compatible to Aktie.

EepShare is currently under development and intended to provide a more lightweight alternative to Aktie. It uses a JavaFX GUI instead of Eclipse SWT which needs to be shipped alongside Aktie in several build versions in order to support different operating system platforms.

The source repository is located at I2P Git hosting.

The project aims at providing a better structured and documented source code as compared to Aktie.

This eepsite is going provide information on installing and using EepShare.

EepShare stable release burn down list

The following points need to be addressed/implemented before the first stable version of EepShare is released. We will release a testing version as soon as all main features are implemented.

EepShare Web Viewer

EepShare Web Viewer is a web-based read-only gateway to Aktie/EepShare. The gateway can be used to view the public communities available in Aktie/EepShare, the files shared in these communities (file information only), the posts in these communities as well as to read the posts. In the communities overview, the number of posts and files as well as the date of last post/file addition are provided for each community. This way, you can see which communities have content and recent activity.

The EepShare Web Viewer can be reached here